A consumer to re-conquer


In an advertising environment challenged with an increasingly lucid and enlightened public, the brand needs to create empathy with its existing and potential customers in order to achieve its objectives and build sustainable links with its targeted audience.

The phase of carrying out the brands credibility next to their target is the central nerve of our agency’s concern.

Our mission is to help brands know their customers and their needs in order to adjust their communication accordingly. To do so we study the brand’s core and understand how the company serves its customers and improves their daily lives.

Our young and talented teams work to bring this vision to life, Since 1998, Ateo combined all its creative efficiency to design a new form of creativity: Results-oriented creativity aiming to restore the links between a brand and its targeted audience.


Strategy consulting

Our marketers and strategic planners are here to answer all your needs through an innovative and original approach: notoriety, customer recruitment, product/service launch, institutional communication, crisis communication ... etc.


Under the exceptional supervision of our creative directors, copywriters and art directors, we design and develop your visual identity in order to impact your targeted audience.


The digital hub takes care of your online presence. It is an essential channel for any modern brand. Digital brand managers, community managers, web developers andgraphic designers, all ensure the dynamism and fluidity of your web pages.


Our teams aim to create your brand’s own universe in order to maximize visibility and public awareness. Emotion, innovation, creativity ... Depending on your positioning, we will<br /> determine the appropriate speech and channels for your brand.

Public relations

In addition to direct communication, Ateo offers you its public relations services and facilitates your contact with journalists, influencers and opinion leaders. In the digital era, bloggers can be great ambassadors for your brand. Our job is to match you with influencers that share the core values of your brand


Whether it is internal events, VIP or general public, here at Ateo we will always make sure to deliver spectacular and memorable events on time. We work in collaboration with Callisthène, a subsidiary agency of our group to deliver events that are efficient and in phase with your current communication.

Media planning

We work in partnership with the biggest Moroccan media to offer you a flawless visibility and a choice of broadcast adapted to your target: display, press, television, radio ... A complete media planning will be suggested to you according to your needs and budget.


Our production agency brings together a range of skills: editing, animation, 3D, sound engineering ... A team of audiovisual specialists use the latest technologies and innovations in the business to design your radio messages and commercials.